Getting to know JULES WHITE in 5 Questions!

Welcome to the first in a series of posts getting to know our incredible ‘Inspirational Minds 2019' speakers, sharing with you some insight into the amazing stories they have to tell... 

Jules White:

From a win in the the Dragon’s Den, to overcoming some of life's toughest hurdles - Jules has an incredible story that is testament that with the right mindset there really is no such word as ‘can’t. Hear how turning an awful situation into a great opportunity eventually lead to her speaking at Europe's largest Tedx Talk and releasing her debut book; Live it, Love it, Sell it.

Jules speaking @ Tedx Brighton 2018 (the biggest Tedx event in Europe)

Getting to know JULES WHITE in 5 Questions!

We believe that laughter can cure a world of woes, so what makes you laugh?

My son Sam - he’s so funny and I love him for that!

Who has been the biggest influence on you and why?

My Mum & Dad - Mum was the quieter influence but Dad was my hero. I watched them both work so hard and learnt so much from my Dad about business - he was an entrepreneur and a retail genius.

It is so important to be OK with making mistakes and they can often lead to our biggest lessons. With this in mind, what is your favourite mistake & what did you learn from it?

This is losing my business 'Truly Madly Baby'. My talk tells the full story on this but I think so much came from it. Resilience, hope, learning and realising what my Dad always said was true - ‘There’s no such word as can’t’.

What do you hope the Inspirational Minds audience will gain from listening to your story?

That it is so important to love what you do and know why you’re doing it. That our work is all about human connection and relationships and that should always be the priority in your business. Don’t chase the money and the targets - make the relationships and the rest will come!

If you could pass on only one piece of advice or inspiration what would it be?

You always have a choice how you deal with what life throws at you, so take your time and take responsibility for everything that you do. The world is your oyster, there is no such word as can’t. Whatever your dream is - is today day one or is it going to be one day? You decide!

You can hear Jules’s full story including; how her time on 'Dragons Den' led to her losing her first business and more importantly how she overcame that loss and many others to be where she is today! Find out more and get your seat for Inspirational Minds 2019.

Thanks for reading guys!
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