Getting to know VIVIENNE MACKINDER in 5 questions!

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

Hi guys and welcome back to our blog series 'getting to know the 2019 Inspirational Minds speakers' and sharing with you some insight into the amazing stories they have to tell.

This week we're getting to know the captivating British born queen of American hairdressing;

Vivienne Mackinder:

Known as the "hairdresser’s hairdresser", Vivienne is currently based in New York City; but her story began in her hometown of London where she studied at the London College of Fashion. After graduating, she immediately landed a position with the iconic Vidal Sassoon, eventually becoming one of the London Art Directors.

Next stop was to become International Creative Director for Trevor Sorbie which eventually took her to the USA where she has built on her already iconic status by winning the North American Hairdressing Awards 7 times, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vivienne's passion for education lead to the creation of the amazing, an online learning platform that continues to evolve as she pushes her own artistry and creativity. “I love the feeling of growing,” she says. “I’m addicted to being a life-long learner.”


Getting to know Vivienne Mackinder in 5 questions!

We believe that laughter can cure a world of woes, so what makes you laugh?

My husband makes me laugh, he's a blend of Benny Hill and Charlie Chaplin meets Gandhi - so funny and yet profound.

Who's been the biggest influence on you and why?

Trevor Sorbie taught me good taste,  as well as a vast amount of techniques that have lasted a lifetime. Proving that techniques are timeless - while fashion is fleeting.

It's so important to be OK with making mistakes and they can often lead to our biggest lessons, with that in mind - what's your favourite mistake & what did you learn from it?

Hair DesignerTV has taught me so much, you could say I have ‘failed forward’ - it's been a shopping list of learns! It’s humbling to see oneself on video and question; why did I do that? Or, I can't believe I just said that! Regardless of the challenges, I remain passionate about doing hair and I'm very intentional about learning, staying curious and asking: "what if?”

All of which allows me to be open to more opportunities. I have three core values that drive the direction of my life;  love, creativity and wisdom.

What do you hope the Inspirational Minds audience will gain from listening to your story?

To fall more deeply in love with the art of doing hair, to feel inspired and to see our art with fresh eyes. The information that I will share, I have gathered over the last 40 years and my new insight to design and methodology has totally changed how I do hair today.

As well as sharing my story, I'll be talking about the 8 common challenges I believe salon owners and stylists are facing worldwide:

  1. New client retention of only 30% to 40%
  2. Low referral rates
  3. Communicating in a natural manner
  4. Improving consultation skills
  5. Inconsistent delivery on promise
  6. A limited design repertoire
  7. Stylist selling what they are comfortable with rather than what the client wants or needs
  8. Burnout in staff bored due to boredom and lack of motivation

If you could pass on only one piece of advice or inspiration what would it be?

Follow your passion and believe!

When you hear Vivienne speak you'll know why people call her "the hairdressers, hairdresser". Her passion and love for the industry is undeniable! 

We can't wait to hear more of Vivienne's story and we're absolutely thrilled to be hosting her first time speaking in over 10 years & first time teaching to a UK hair audience in over 20 years! 

Find out more about Vivienne's 
'Master Your Craft' (full day hair cutting and styling) and 'Up Close & Personal' (full day hands on Masterclass for 12 people only). 

Thanks for reading guys! x 

...Coming next: We get to know creator of the industry's No.1 Podcast:
'How To Cut it' - Mr. Dom Lehane 



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