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Thank you so much for watching Alan's webinar above! I hope you enjoyed it - if you haven't had time to watch it yet please scroll down for a brief summary of the key details :) 

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My Fantastic Coach

What is it?

My Fantastic Coach is a business opportunity for you - The chance to develop and grow a coaching and education business using the credibility and assurance that comes from a trusted and established brand 'The Fantastic Hairdresser' alongside the opportunity to use the strength of our content as a powerful resource for your new business.

It's YOUR business - you can decide how many hours you want to give to it - when and where you operate and even how much you want to charge!

I've created a 3 stage coaching process which on one hand ensures that the high standards of the Fantastic Hairdresser will not be compromised, yet also allows a 'Fantastic Coach' the freedom to develop a coaching business for themselves that suits their lifestyle.

In the future, there will be 4 types of Fantastic Coach:

1. Online coach - total flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle with no geographical boundaries 
2. Team Educator - For those that want to also build an in-salon education business based on The Fantastic Hairdresser Principles 
3. Business Coach - For those that want to add 'In salon' coaching to online coaching
4. Business Educator - For those that also want to run business education courses or programmes

All coaches start as an Online Coach

In the future, there will be the opportunity for an Online Coach to develop themselves with us into one of the other coaching areas - but for now, we are starting with Online Coaching.

The 3 stages of the Fantastic Coaching Concept, work as follows:

INVESTIGATE - Effectively a free trial to see how the coaching process can help a salon to more success

FOCUS - A 90-day coaching plan to kickstart a salon on the journey they need to take - check out the webinar to see how this amazing tool works,

CHANGE - This is where the relationship that has been built up with the coach over the 90 days will allow the coach to tailor make any future action that both parties wish to develop in order to achieve real change.

There is no commitment for the salon at any stage, which means the coach has to really perform to keep their customer happy! As it should be!!

Finally, we will charge you for your training to be a Fantastic Coach and a small monthly licence fee (same applies BTW - No commitment - we have to keep you happy too!!)

All the client fees go to you!

So, how does it work for the coach?

What do I get for my investment?

  • Education

  • Branding

  • Resources

  • Web Site

  • Fantastic Hairdresser Marketing

  • Discounted business, team and personal development for yourself

  • Affiliate opportunities

Education in 4 areas:

  1. How to run the 'Investigate' and 'Focus' elements of the Fantastic Coaching Concept
  2. How to use the Fantastic Hairdresser resources that you have access to help your coaching clients to success in the 'Change' element of the Fantastic Coaching Concept
  3. Foundation coaching skills
  4. Foundation sales skills

See training dates above.


On successful completion of the first two training dates and of the Fantastic Coaching Assessment (Training date 2), you will be able to use both the Fantastic Hairdresser and My Fantastic Coach brands to grow your business. (Please remember we are an education company - if you are struggling for some reason to reach the standards we require, we will work closely with you to help you to achieve the required levels of expertise - if in a worst case scenario you were not able to reach those standards, you would still be able to market yourself as a coach 'trained by' the Fantastic Hairdresser.

It's a bit like someone going on a Sassoon full-time course - you may pass your test and be offered a job at Sassoons, but if not, you still have the credibility of being trained by Sassoon's. 

Please don't let this concern you - we will not be setting the benchmark at an unreasonable level, however, I'm sure you understand that we have to ensure certain minimum standards are met.


You will have access to our online resources to add value to what you can offer your coaching clients; The Salon Profit Formula, The Fantastic Calculators, Fantastic Team Meetings and Business Lounge (launching early 2019), plus a dedicated online home for all coaches to share content alongside consistent new content from us to help you grow your business.

Web Site:

A listing and profile area on the My Fantastic Coach website

Fantastic Hairdresser Marketing:

We will be extensively marketing the salon coaching in everything we do - both online and at all our live seminars and programmes. Using the 'Investigate your business for £1' tool to drive a consistent stream of new business opportunities.

Discounted TFH Education:

As a TFH Coach, you will get preferential prices on any education you do with us for your salon business or yourself. For example - Fantastic ME, our exciting one-off dynamic communication and life skills programme is has a list price of just under £1200 but you would only pay £750 as a coach.

Affiliate Opportunities:

As a TFH Coach, you automatically become a Fantastic Affiliate - which simply means that you automatically get extra commision from any extra TFH products you might sell to your coaching clients. To give you an idea, if you felt someone would benefit from Business Masters and they booked it through you, then you would get 25% commision - around £450.

Ok, so how much does all this cost?

A Fantastic Coach licence and the cost of the training for an Online Coach will be £15,000 plus VAT - however - the key words there were - 'will be'...

We are currently looking to recruit what we are calling our Foundation Coaches - Let's be honest, we need to be able to supply the demand so we need enough coaches trained and ready to go before we fully launch Fantastic Coaching to the industry - so...

For our second group of coaches, we will just charge £4,900 plus vat :)

To put that into perspective if you decided you could spend 10 hours a week - that's 10 coaching clients - each paying you £250 per month - you have a return on your investment after 2 months.

Finally, there will be in the future a £120 monthly payment for the resources and use of brands - you will get this for just £97 (incl. VAT) per month.

When are the training dates for 2019?
13-14th January - How to be a successful 'Fantastic Coach' 
13th February - How to grow your coaching business 
3rd April - How to add value to your coaching business
12th June - How to leverage your early success to increase your ROI.

(any problems with the dates, please let us know, we may be able to sort something)

That's it folks - You just have to decide if you want to get in early on this one and be one of the first to establish your coaching business with The Fantastic Hairdresser and take advantage of this crazy price - any questions feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the webinar,

Have fun, Alan 


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