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What is it?

Alan has created a 3 stage coaching process which on one hand ensures that the high standards of the Fantastic Hairdresser will not be compromised, yet also allows a 'Fantastic Coach' the freedom to develop a coaching business for themselves that suits their lifestyle, along with the credibility and assurance that comes with The Fantastic Hairdresser brand.

In the future, there will be 4 types of Fantastic Coach:
1. Online coach - total flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle with no geographical boundaries 
2. Team Educator - For those that want to also build an in-salon education business based on The Fantastic Hairdresser Principles 
3. Business Coach - For those that want to add 'In salon' coaching to online coaching
4. Business Educator - For those that also want to run business education courses or programmes

All coaches will start off as an Online Coach which is what we are launching right now.

In the future, there will be the opportunity for an Online Coach to develop themselves with us into one of the other coaching areas - but for now, we are starting with Online Coaching.

The 3 stages work as follows:

INVESTIGATE - Effectively a free trial to see how the coaching process can help a salon to more success

FOCUS - A 90-day coaching plan to kickstart a salon on the journey they need to take

CHANGE - This is where the relationship that has been built up with the coach over the 90 days will allow the coach to tailor make any future action that both parties wish to develop in order to achieve real change.

There is no commitment for the salon at any stage, which means the coach has to really perform to keep their customer happy! As it should be!!

Finally, we will charge you for your training to be a Fantastic Coach and a small monthly licence fee (same applies BTW - No commitment - we have to keep you happy too!!)

All the client fees go to you!

Thanks for your time and have fun whatever it is you're doing, Alan x


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