Are you in control of your Business or is your Business in control of you?!

It doesn't matter how big or small your goal is, there are studies after studies that prove if you have a clear, step by step plan, you're far more likely to achieve it.

Do you have an airtight strategy to get the success you want for yourself and your business?

If not, here's something to get you just that!

We're a Caring Family Business

That's me in the middle there... I'm the daughter of Alan Austin-Smith & Carolyn Field who founded TFH many years ago. Nowadays, I'm taller, and also the CEO of this wonderful company!

Represented in 7 Countries

We're honoured to work in many amazing countries around the world including the UK & Ireland, Australia, Dubai/Middle East, New Zealand & Croatia - some slightly sunnier than others!

Over 100 Thousand People Worldwide

We love this number as it reminds us of how many people we've (hopefully) motivated and inspired along the way. It's what keeps us going and keeps us on top of our game every day!

Established for Over 30 Years

We've built our business almost entirely on word of mouth. In this neighbourhood style industry of ours where everyone talks, we wouldn't be where we are today if we weren't genuine and authentic.

A bit more about us...

What started off as a very small family business, The Fantastic Hairdresser, has now grown to become globally recognised as the leading support and education company in the hairdressing industry. The founder, Alan Austin-Smith started his career as a young hairdresser at Sassoons, Bond Street - swiftly moving through the ranks in almost every position available - right through to Business Education Manager for L'Oreal.

With an unwavering passion to inspire people to grow and become more successful, thirty years ago, Alan left his 'shiny' L'Oreal position to start out on his own and begin to make a difference... (continue reading)


Did you make it to Inspirational Minds last year?!

We're doing things a little differently for 2020/2021 but here's a taster of what we got up to last year. With the likes of Sally Brooks, Vivienne Mackinder, Jamie Stevens, Dom Lehane (How to Cut It), Jules White (Inspirational TEDx speaker) and more, it was talked about by the Who's Who of our industry, a day to firmly remember! 

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What people say...

Tara Rose, Tara Rose Salons

"Thank you so much! I can honestly say this is the best thing I could have done for my business, a complete game-changer"

Sandy Jones, The Point Brighton

"Amazing, very motivational and very down to earth. Held my attention from start to finish."

Angelina Mackinnon

"If anyone makes learning fun it’s Alan Austin-Smith! His knowledge for our industry is truly inspiring! I cannot recommend his courses enough!"

Jane Fletcher, KH Hair Group

"Inspiring, exciting, motivational and emotional! Really looking forward to getting the passion back into my working world!"


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