On-Demand Monthly Focus Sessions with Alan Austin-Smith

Monthly, focused, online sessions with Alan Austin-Smith for salon owners, managers or team.
It's affordable & online - so no costs for travel, hotel or blocking out a column for the entire day!

Every single month, we will run a 60 minute session for the team and a 90 minute session for salon owners & managers - join us live or get the session after in your account. Nice and Simple.

Fantastic Team Sessions

EVERY single month, you can relax and know that your team will have an hours' focus session with Alan Austin-Smith. The subjects will change month by month, covering subjects such as: 

  • Delighting Your Clients
  • Building Confidence
  • Growing a Column
  • Time Management
  • Consulation Skills
  • And SO much more...

You will also be able to send through specific requests that you would like covered and we will begin adding them into the programme if it suits all

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Fantastic Business Sessions

Your very own mentor sessions with Alan Austin-Smith. As some of you know from spending time with Alan, you could be listening to him give advice for even 5 minutes and he's already given you valuable ideas to put in place - here is just a hint of what we'll be covering: 

  • Recruitment Issues
  • Leadership Skills
  • Standing out from your Competition
  • Influencial Communication
  • Understanding Motivation

We will be taking requests for content as well as covering urgent industry issues as they arise 

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Team & Business Package

With this package, you will get both the 'Fantastic Team Sessions' AND the 'Fantastic Business Sessions'. Can you imagine how much of a positive impact this will have on your business!!

We will also be offering a Q&A mailbox where you can send in questions for Alan to answer after each session - we will then answer these the following week on a recorded video session.

Please see dates and times below and get them booked in the diary. REMEMBER - you do not have to join live, once each session airs, it will become available in your library to schedule in when suits!

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