Monthly Live Zoom Sessions with Alan Austin-Smith

Tune in every month for a live Focus Session with Alan Austin-Smith.  
It's affordable & online - so no costs for travel, hotel or blocking out a column for the entire day!

Join us Live or catch the session On-Demand in your account. Nice and Simple.

Fantastic Team Sessions

EVERY single month, you can relax and know that you have an engaging, motivational team session in the bag. Covering subjects such as: 

  • Delighting Your Clients
  • Building Confidence
  • Growing a Column
  • Time Management
  • Consulation Skills
  • And SO much more...

Any specific subjects you'd like covered, let us know and we'll add them into the programme if it suits all

PRICE: £475 + VAT (12 Month Subscription)

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Fantastic Business Sessions

Your very own mentor sessions with Alan Austin-Smith, EVERY month! Focus, Motivation, Leadership, Communication skills and SO much more... Here is just a hint of what we'll be covering: 

  • Recruitment Issues
  • Leadership Skills
  • Standing out from your Competition
  • Influencial Communication
  • Understanding Motivation

We will be taking requests for content as well as covering urgent industry issues as they arise 

PRICE: £475 + VAT (12 Month Subscription)

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"From the boardroom to the changing room..." 

If you haven't heard this analogy from Alan (sports fan or not), a great manager understands the importance of communication. In a Boardroom, you're discussing the specifics, grow revenue by x percent etc. - the boring nuts and bolts. But when you get in that Changing Room, to get the results you need, your communication switches and now, all you need to talk about, is how they're gonna perform on that pitch!

Alan's job is to teach you what you need to know in the boardroom and then get this across in changing room.

PRICE: £750 + VAT (12 Month Subscription)

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