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The Fantastic Hairdresser Book *Updated Edition*

As the well known hairdressing legend, Mr Trevor Sorbie said, this little wonder has become a bit of a “modern day bible for any forward thinking hairdresser”.
Need we say more…

This book is written specifically for creative thinkers and is a must have for all - no matter what role you’re in, just take out the word ‘hairdresser’ and it's a powerful read for all. 


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The Fantastic Boss

Another easy read ‘must have’, but this little gem is more for salon owners, managers & educators - or aspirers!
‘It’s not about being bossy’ - this book will help you to develop your management skills and give you the tools you need to become a fantastic leader.
And if you're not a boss but have a wonderful one, it makes a lovely Christmas gift too!


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Three Months Online Business Coaching

What do Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates all have in common? They all have a coach!
It’s tough running a business, let alone one in a pandemic - you’re being pulled from pillar to post for so many things but who's there to help you and keep you on track? Our online Business Coaches will do just that and help you to reach the success you work so hard for!

£750 - no VAT

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Fantastic Team Meetings Online

People would always ask us, “Alan, can you just come in and run my team meetings for me please?! It’d make life so much easier” - I mean… Obviously we can’t do this - but we went with the next best thing instead.

Alan has created 20 pre-prepared, ready made motivational team meetings for you to run consistent, engaging team training sessions - saving you mountains of time!!

£699 + VAT

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In-Salon Team Training with Alan Austin-Smith

Well this is the big one and naturally the quickest motivation fix - but for half the usual price! You can have Alan in the comfort of your own salon, running a bespoke day for either your team, your managers, or a mix of both…
The power of live training will never be replaced so if you can afford it and catch him before semi-retirement, I guarantee it'll be the best money you spend!

£3800 + VAT

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Business Consultancy with Alan Austin-Smith

This man has spent the last 35 years consulting businesses of EVERY shape, size and stature - from the legends we hear about in the shows, to the legends we don’t hear about, down the road… If you average 30 businesses a year, that’s experience from over a thousand businesses, solving EVERY issue under the sun. To get this unparalleled expertise for your own business, why wait?

£3800 + VAT

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If you have any questions about our products or would like to talk to one of our team to find out what would be the best option for you, please get in touch. The best email address is [email protected] or you can call us on 0044 (0)20 8827 1659 :)

What people say...

Tara Rose, Tara Rose Salons

"Thank you so much! I can honestly say this is the best thing I could have done for my business, a complete game-changer"

Sandy Jones, The Point Brighton

"Amazing, very motivational and very down to earth. Held my attention from start to finish."

Angelina Mackinnon

"If anyone makes learning fun it’s Alan Austin-Smith! His knowledge for our industry is truly inspiring! I cannot recommend his courses enough!"

Jane Fletcher, KH Hair Group

"Inspiring, exciting, motivational and emotional! Really looking forward to getting the passion back into my working world!"


We'd like to share with you the words of wisdom from the industry's most inspiring, engaging and thought provoking personal/business growth expert! 

Alan Austin-Smith, a hairdresser at heart, has over 40 years' experience of helping Individuals and Salon Businesses to get results and reach the ultimate goal of most - a life without money concerns, to give you the freedom and flexibility to spend time doing what you love most - whatever that may be.

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