11 Top Tips For Instagram Beginners!

social media Nov 18, 2019

Even if you don't want to accept it, we all understand the importance and impact of having a well run social media profile for our business. But without proper time to dedicate to learning and experimenting, it can be a bit daunting. 

So here are a few tips for getting your Instagram off the ground! 

1. Go public! 
If you want to be found, make sure your profile is set to 'public'. 

2. Get a Business Account
Set your account type to ‘business’ to get access to follower insights and a contact button. 


3. Make the most of your bio 
What do you do? 
What’s your USP or stand out service?
Have you won any awards? 

Where are you located?
What's your web address? 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The website section is the only clickable link on your Instagram! Don't put links in your post text, they don’t work and you can’t copy and paste them. Instead, use the text in your post to direct your followers to the link in your bio. 

You can boost credibility by linking yourself to other profiles you’re associated with by using their handle; like Fantastic Salon Coach, Sarah Dixon has done here...   


4. Follow the 60/20/20 rule 
For a good balance of content on your feed: - follow the 60/20/20 rule: 
60% education/advice - 20% self promotion - 20% personal/fun/behind the scenes.

5. Make it pretty
Before you post a photo ask yourself; would I put this in my shop window? 
For promotional posts or graphic content use a programme like Canva that has 1000’s of templates and great tools to help get your content Insta-ready. 

6. Post consistently
Most people will recommend posting between one to three times per day. If you can't keep up with postings that often, then it's better to post less and stay consistent. 

7. Engage
If you're looking for engagement (you are) it's vital that you spend time engaging! You need to interact with others on the platform, if you want likes and comments, you need to like and comment!

8. Create a theme 
Choose consistent brand colours, fonts and filters. 
Make it authentic to you and your salon brand. Remember - “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. 

9. Plan ahead
Use an App like Planoly, Preview or Hootsuite to plan a week/month of posts in advance. It takes away some stress and the temptation to just get anything up because you haven't posted for a few days - but also throw in a few ‘organic’ posts. The algorithm likes you to be human.

10. #usehashtags
I’d recommend 10 strong hashtags. Avoid really popular ones, your content will just get lost in the crowd. You can also follow hashtags to see and engage with content from people you don’t follow. 

11. Act Fast 
The more engagement you get in the first 3 minutes of posting the more the algorithm will work for you! So ask your team, family, friends to get those likes and comments on your post asap. If you have other accounts switch over and stick a like on it straight away! It all helps. 


Did you find these beginners tips useful? Maybe you’re heading over to Instagram now to update your bio or off to download Canva... Let us know :)  

More in-depth tips for Instagram and other social media platforms coming soon!

Happy ‘Gramming!

Nique x 
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