Uncategorized Oct 31, 2017

I've always used this mantra as a great focusing tool - the order is important as we all know that there is no magic only focus, (and beware any book or speaker who promises you magic!) which means that you will not always achieve everything you want.

So the last one is wealthy because if some reason I don't achieve it, I'm still healthy and happy! Of course there are no 100% guarantees for health either, therefore it comes second leaving me with my primary focus being 'happy' - the only one I can guarantee.

Being happy will always be up to me as the choice as to whether I am happy or not is down to me and nobody or nothing else, therefore I can guarantee success in that one at the very least.

Let's face it, it's great to be wealthy and enjoy the fruits for yourself and your family and of course health is vital, but if you got knocked down by a bus tomorrow and you lay there knowing it was your last few moments - would you be looking back at the wealthy moments, the healthy moments or the happy moments?

I've always said that dying wealthy isn't going to help me much, and nobody dies healthy - so when I go I want to die happy!

Identify one thing that you can focus on that when you take action on it would help make you wealthier - commit to clearing a debt, or simply start putting some money away, however small, it's action that is moving you towards wealth rather than away from it. Now choose something that you can do that is moving you towards health, again something small to start the momentum and finally decide on some action that will make you happier every day.

Now commit to action on those three things today. Have Fun!

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