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In 2012 I spent a wonderful few days staying with the amazing Vivienne Mackinder at her lovely home in the Hamptons, New York. We were doing some filming for her brilliant online channel - Hair Designer TV as well as spending some great evenings putting the world - and in particular the salon world - to rights!

On one of these evenings we were joined by Nicholas French and his lovely wife Carole for dinner. Nicholas is such a talented hairdresser with an amazing history. His father was Freddie French - often referred to as the first celebrity hairdresser - if you want to know more about Nick and his father this is a great article here: Nicholas French - Hair Artist Supreme

So there we were the Brits in New York - it was fab engaging with icons such as Vivienne and Nick although slightly sad as I sat there thinking that here are two such inspirational British hairdressers who have conquered America, but would not be known to so many younger hairdressers back home :(

Vivienne has won the North American hairdresser of the year 7 times, plus been awarded the lifetime achievement honour, whilst Nick - amongst his many awards - has won the North American Avant Garde award 4 times, been invited to perform at the Alternative Hair Show in London 10 times as well as being one of the top celebrity stylists in America with a client list to die for!

So there I was enjoying the food, wine and conversation when all of a sudden Vivienne jumps up and says - we mustn't waste this moment! Before we knew it she had set up the cameras in her studio around the work table and we were having an impromptu round table!!

It was 5 years ago - you can tell I knew I was going over to be filmed (crash diet haha) and it's strange to hear me talking about Angelo Seminara as the new boy on the block :) but anyway, I thought you might like to see it - please also check out Vivienne's site whilst you are there - it's a wonderfully creative resource and here is a link to the Nicholas French site: nicholasfrench.com

Have fun - hope you enjoy it x

The video is here:
An evening with Vivienne Mackinder, Nicholas French and Alan Austin-Smith

PS - It's better in full screen mode!

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