Uncategorized Nov 20, 2017

Being fantastic at what you do all starts with a simple step. Decide to BE Fantastic at what ever you do - right now. Of course there is still loads to change, lots of things to take action on. But it all starts with a decision - a decision to BE Fantastic at what you do. 

Identify three things now that you are good at - that's right - good at!

You probably expected me to say 'weaknesses' but actually the first change I always recommend is to take what you are good at and become fantastic at it. It's far more motivating than beating yourself over the head with all the things you can't do!!

When you start enjoying change, enjoying the effect that being fantastic can have with everything you do,  it gives you the momentum to start to tackle the other stuff that needs to change.

BEing Fantastic starts in a nanosecond - the moment you decide to BE Fantastic rather than just good at what you do is when it all starts - Have Fun!

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