Uncategorized Feb 12, 2018

The 4 C's of BEing Fantastic


Is It Working? No! Then what needs to change?
In a fast changing world what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Creative thinking and adaptability are possibly the most important skills to be developed today.


You can’t do it on your own - you need your customers to becomes fans - you need your colleagues to be in your team and you need positive relationships with family and friends as your foundations - Fantastic communication is key!


Its all about action - it will always be about action — so why do so many people not do it? There are many reasons - but most of all is a lack of confidence and belief. Take control and blast through the fears.


It's not just about taking action though - you have to keep on taking action! Consistency, Focus and Self Discipline are the keys here as well as making great use of the time we have available to us.

I am running Be Fantastic in London on the 18th September - a great day that ANYONE will benefit from - yourself and your team but also anyone not connected to the salon industry as all the content will be generic - simply helping us all to be more fantastic at everything we do both at work and at home - Have fun, Alan x

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