Uncategorized Apr 08, 2018

Whether you like it or not we live in a world of change.

What that means for some of us is that we need to develop change strategies - I've talked about this for years and when this video popped up this week I knew it had to be my Video of the Week - it's only a short one, but it's spot on.

We all understand the need to train and develop ourselves - so why not train yourself for the biggest challenge we face in life today - change!

When you are constantly making small changes you are re-programming your brain for change, so that when the big ones crop up in life - which they will - you are better equipped to handle it.

If you spend your life with routines that never change then when life interrupts, it's a major freak out!  However if you are constantly introducing new stuff into your life then you will be better prepared.

So I am always telling people to get into a habit of making some sort of small change every day, or every week. It might just be trying a food you wouldn't normally eat, or listening to music that you don't normally. Why not try a different route to work tomorrow, just leave a little earlier if that's needed.

Try it - you never know you might like it! And if you don't - at least you can say you've tried it!!

So... then I saw this Ted Talk video from Matt Cutts who works for Google- loved it - short and simple (just 3 and half minutes), in the same vein as what I've been teaching for years, but with a twist - a 30 day challenge. What a great idea to build into your life - I love it - it's like establishing a ritual (which most people want or need), but one that encourages change. It's almost a paradox.

Check out the video here in my Flipboard magazine, and decide what your first 30 day challenge is. By the way - he is so right when he says that the smaller stuff sticks - his sugar story is spot on haha!

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