Uncategorized Feb 01, 2018

I saw a tweet from Vala Afshar which just highlighted something I keep saying to anyone who sits in my audience.

Do you look like a business 5 years in the future or one 5 years in the past.

The world moves so fast today we have to be creative and innovative all the time - what's next - has to be a key focus of your business strategy

It's no good just having a strategy or plan today - it has to be a REVOLUTIONARY strategy!

So what was in this tweet that motivated me to write this post?

Stuff that didn't exist over 10 years ago...! I've added a few to the original list - can you? Add them in the comments!


iPad Kindle 4G Uber Airbnb Android Spotify Pinterest Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp
Touch screen phones
Apple Store
LCD Flatscreens
and one not quite in the 10 year list but only misses by 18 months amazingly...
You Tube!!

A bit of fun but - WOW - that's how fast the world is moving today - look at our own industry - Sophia Hilton's business - Not Another Salon is less than 2 years old!!

However what I love about how she is growing her business is that she isn't just an Instagram sensation - the strategy and structure she has in place is the reason why she is rocking it.

As always so many look at people like Sophia and assume it's easy - it never is!

Hard work, passion, innovation, creativity, strategy and structure unfortunately can't guarantee success, but I can guarantee that without them any success you might have will not have longevity.

We DO live in a world where you can have your 15 minutes fame quite easily (boy did Andy Warhol know what he was talking about all those years ago!) but to turn it into anything worthwhile needs you to operate very differently.

I call it the loose/tight paradox - in this loose, creative, fast moving world we have to have have structure - albeit different to what we had in the past - great leadership, and a committed passionate team around us - none of that happens by accident!!

So, if you want to start thinking about how to reshape your business to look like a business 5 years in the future, then it starts with getting the foundations right - then the innovation and creativity will flourish.

Have fun, Alan x

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