Uncategorized Jan 17, 2018

I have always believed that we can all do it right! We can all be fantastic at whatever it is we want to do – the difference between the successful people and everyone else is that they do it right – they are fantastic – CONSISTENTLY.

But how? Are they sub-human – somehow different to the rest of us?

Maybe they don’t get sick, feel tired, have hangovers, relationship problems or bad moods?
Or, are they exactly they same as everyone else, having the same stuff happening in their lives as everyone else, but just dealing with it differently?

Successful people take ‘fantastic’ action consistently by performing. They understand that the world is a stage and they need to be performers on it. We all have off days, but when you understand the importance of consistency, you quickly learn to perform – to act. This is not living a lie, it’s simply making a decision to get on with it. We all have a choice – I can decide to spend the day with a hangover, or decide not to have it. I’m human like anybody and sometimes I decide to have it! But, only if it doesn’t affect me being fantastic at work or as a dad, husband or friend.

That’s when I have to ‘act’ – but the amazing thing is that when I make the decision to act better – I start to feel better!

Do people trust you?

You need people to trust you – your customers, colleagues, friends and family. Why? Because whatever you may think, you can’t do it on your own – we all need people, but to get help, support and respect from people, they need to trust you.

How do we earn that trust? By acting consistently!

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