inspiration Sep 09, 2018

It was the first day at university and the young man was excited about the future that lay ahead. Whilst exploring the campus he turned a corner and nearly knocked over an elderly professor. "Oh my goodness" he exclaimed, "I'm so sorry professor!".

"That's ok son," the man said, "but I'm no professor - I'm a student and it's my first day here".

The young man was shocked and before he realised that he was possibly being insensitive he blurted out "But you're so old - I'm sorry - I didn't mean it to come out like that but ..." he shut up, feeling embarrassed.

The old man laughed, "It's ok son, don't worry - I know I'm old - I'm actually 74!"

"Wow" exclaimed the young man "so what are you studying".

"Medicine" replied the old man "it's always been my dream to study medicine but I couldn't afford it whilst I was younger but now I have the time and money so here I am"

The young man was shocked again "But a medical degree will take between 5 and 7 years - you will be 80 years old when you graduate!"

The older man smiled "Son, god willing I will be 80 anyway in 6 years, whether I follow my dreams or not!"

"Let me give you some advice from an old man near the end of his journey to a young man at the start of his own. Of course you shouldn't - as a young man - be thinking about your time on this earth finishing, however, it will, it's the only certainty we all have, that one day our time here will end - so whether you have 80 years left or 8 - make sure you live every moment and never ever give up on your dreams - it's never too late!!"


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