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We all know that critical part of BEing Fantastic and WOWing our customers is consistency - As I always say "you can't just be Fantastic on Tuesdays!"

This is a great tool that you should use every couple of months in your business to check that you are being consistent but also improving all the time - Consistent standards aren't enough, as important as they are, all they will do is keep you at the same level consistently - CONSISTENTLY STANDING STILL!

 Not what anyone means by consistency :)

Consistency today is a mix of your standards as well as a consistent development strategy. FLOW helps you do both. This is a also a great personal development tool for yourself or members of your team in one-to-ones etc.

 So how does it work - very simple..

 F stands for First Impressions - check that the first impressions people are getting about you or your business are what you want and need them to be (consistently remember!!)

 L stands for Last Impressions - arguably even more important than first impressions - It's what people leave with

 O stands for 'Ouches'Those little things that go wrong - that aren't up to standard but that can sometimes slip through the net because they are small - on their own they don't matter to much, but when you experience a few of these as a customer it can turn into a major problem - we have all experienced ourselves - a visit to a restaurant perhaps and a series of small things are going wrong - as they mount up you start to become aggravated - hardly customer delight! Do you have any small ouches that need attention?

 W stands for WOW - The holy grail and the exact opposite of the ouches - especially when you consider that often the WOW comes from little things too - but Fantastic ones. I love the story of the young 17 year old trainee hairdresser who when a client asked if they serve peach flavoured sparkling water decided to get some from the shop next door for the customer - a tiny thing which cost just 60p - but HUGE! PS - She got a £5 tip - of course she did!!

 So there you go - FLOW - make it part of your business or personal strategy - here is a quick little video about FLOW - enjoy Have fun and BE Fantastic, Alan x 


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