Uncategorized Jan 01, 2018
Life is all about decisions. Think about it, we make decisions all day, every day - and those decisions shape our lives - what we do, how we eat, who we spend time with, how we work and play etc. 
So what shapes those decisions - our focus, our priorities, our beliefs.
But what if those are wrong - what if our beliefs aren’t true, what if we are setting the wrong priorities and are focused in the wrong direction?
Then we are making a decision based on the wrong information - which can only lead to poor decisions - but hold on - didn’t we just agree that our life is all about the decisions we make!!
Let me give you an example of in my life which I know many people share.
My parents lived through World War 2 and hated any waste of food which created a deep-rooted belief in me that food shouldn’t be wasted. 
Now I can use that as an excuse as to why I feel the need to decide to eat whatever is in front of me regardless of whether I’m hungry or not (buffets are dangerous ground for me!!) or I can choose to learn to make a different decision and to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry.
I could continue with a decision that I’m not confident, or a poor communicator or that I hate Mondays etc., or I choose to make different decisions that will help me to achieve what I desire, have better relationships or perform better at work.
It’s up to me - I can decide to be an OK Me or a Fantastic ME - each small decision I make influences my life. 
Powerful change comes from making lots of small decisions - small steps - not one big ‘resolution’ type of decision. 
It’s time to take control of the decisions we make. 

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