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Sometimes we all lose the passion for what we do - I guess it's natural, only human - however it's tough to BE Fantastic when you're not passionate. 

So how do you get the passion back? 

The first step is to be clear about the difference between what you do and what your job is. 

If we met at a party and you asked me what I do - I wouldn’t, but I could answer like this;  “I drive up and down motorways, fly around the world, stand in rooms that are too cold or too hot, too large or too small and talk to lots of people, I make telephone calls, write emails etc etc” 

Now you wouldn’t let me get that far of course. You would interrupt me and say “No, I meant what’s your job?”. 

Oh - But you asked me what I do. If you asked me what my job is, I would be able to tell you clearly and concisely, “My job is to communicate with people in such a way as to motivate them to fly!”. 

It's 'WHY' I do what I do - it's why I drive up and down motorways, stand in rooms that are too cold etc., but that is not my job - it' just some of the stuff I have to do.

You see although I love my job, I don't love some of the stuff I have to do - when I have to stay away from my family, deal with traffic jams, freeze in over-air conditioned seminar rooms, take half my clothes off at airport security etc etc.

The only problem is when I start to think that stuff is my job - because when I start to focus on the the things I don't enjoy then... BANG - the passion is gone!!

So how do you get it back - shift your focus - where you put your focus is where you get your results so guess what - if you focus on the crap then you will get....CRAP!

Shift your focus to why you do what you do - I may hate some of the stuff I have to do but I LOVE seeing and hearing from people who are flying because of what I teach - I can sit in lonely hotel rooms and airports, get up at the crack of dawn to fight through the traffic etc quite happily when I love the reason I do it.

I remember a street cleaner where I live who used to dance with headphones on whilst sweeping the pavements. He was interviewed on TV and asked how he can be so happy cleaning up other peoples rubbish - "but that's not how I see my job" he replied "I love making the streets clean and safe for the people who live here - especially their children and pets!" 

It wasn't what he what was doing that made him happy, it was why he was doing it!!

Shift your focus and the passion will come back

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