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It's that time of year when we all start thinking about the future - all the things we want to change about ourselves.We really mean it when we set those goals, so why is it so difficult to keep it going and achieve the changes we want?
It's because of the power of NOW. Of course this is a positive power - when you understand the value of the NOW, understand that it is the only time we are actually alive - living, breathing etc. then you know that it is the only time you can take any action. We learn from the past, but can take no action in it, we plan for the future but cannot yet take any action in it, it is only NOW that we can take any action.
However, there is also a negative power the NOW has. It is the power that any negative action you may be taking has - in the NOW!
The FUTURE doesn't exist yet - its weak, unclear, we can't always see it easily, yet the NOW is right here, strong and literally in your face - any negative thoughts or action you have NOW will be just as strong.
The FUTURE that you might really want is happy, healthy and wealthy however the NOW might be unhappy, unhealthy and in debt and that NOW is strong, like some cartoon muscle man character that is kicking sand in the face of your feeble FUTURE. 
The fact is that any behaviour that you want to change has probably been around awhile, it's grown strong and is an integral part of who you are right NOW. 
You wouldn't expect the wimp to get up of the beach and beat up the muscle man - it just isn't going to happen - but what if the wimp went away and started to get stronger until it was strong enough to fight back and actually win - so that the new behaviour becomes the strong NOW. 
That's how to get the changes you want - don't expect to beat the strong NOW without building up your FUTURE'S strength in small ways with small changes over a period of time until your FUTURE is strong enough to take on the old NOW and become the new NOW!
Let me give you an example: January is a really busy month in gyms but give it till March and they are back to normal because the powerful NOW that doesn't want to go to the gym has won! However starting by making a commitment to something easy, like taking a walk 3 times a week and then adding some simple exercises into the morning routine before making the walks a bit longer and then going to the gym just once a week before feeling able to go more often and over a period of time you have turned a weak future into a strong NOW!
Try this idea to start making small changes
Choose just one thing this week that you can do that would make you happier - remember it's small changes regularly - not a holiday in Barbados that would make you happy for a few weeks until the powerful NOW kicks back in - and then another that would make you healthier (one less sugar in a coffee would do it) and finally one that will make you wealthier (putting some spare change in a piggy bank is called saving - the first thing to get into the habit of to be wealthier!)
So one small change this week to be happier, healthier and wealthier - that's it - as simple as that.
Now do it again next week, and the next and the next - do it all year and you will have made 50 changes to be happier, 50 to be healthier and wealthier. Now that will be a great year!!
Have fun,

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