Uncategorized Dec 18, 2017

In a world of such rapid change creativity is becoming a critical skill - so many people tell me that they don't think they are creative, but we all are - we would not survive without being creative.

We all have creative ideas, solutions to problems and different ways to do things in our minds all the time. The only thing that separates out 'creative' people is that that they are brave enough to give those ideas oxygen - to get them out of their heads where they cannot grow and put them out into the world where other people can add to them and help develop them.
It's all so much to do with that fear of failure again - the number one reason why people don't take action in life!
Be brave and give your ideas oxygen - understand that most of your ideas will be crazy and unworkable, but when you give them air they can sometimes develop into completely different ideas that work. Probably the most famous example of this is the Post It Note - it started from 3M creating  a new adhesive that didn't stick! Then someone realised that not only did it not stick - it didn't stick consistently - every time you stuck it to something you could pull it away and then stick it to something again - this was the beginning of the Post It Note - something that must be in every office in the world!! 
There are two rules to help you here: Firstly the understanding that there is no such thing as a small idea - every idea can be huge - however small!
Secondly, remember that for every good idea that works there will be 99 that didn't - you have to go through the 99 process sometimes to find the one that works. Soichiro Honda once said that the 1% we call success can only come from the 99% that we call failure.
Choose something at work or home that isn't working and spend some time coming up with ideas of how it could work better and then start giving those ideas oxygen - you will soon sort out the failures and may end up with a creative solution that really works.

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