Uncategorized Dec 04, 2017

There are so many keys to BEing Fantastic all of which I discuss in my book 'Fantastic - When Good Is Not Enough, but the key to it all is Passion.

It's an overused word but what does it mean? For me it's all about the 'WHY' - it's not what we do it's why we do it that gives us the drive, perseverance and determination to do what we do. It's no good setting goals and knowing 'where' you are going, what you want to achieve if you don't know why you want it.

 I will always remember chatting to a multi millionaire I know who had been a millionaire twice before and lost it - TWICE!!

He clearly had a talent for making money but not keeping it. I asked him what was the difference this time, how had he managed to keep it and grow it to a level where he has become a wonderful philanthropist.

 He didn't hesitate. "I know WHY I want the money this time - previously I just wanted to be rich and do all the stuff rich people do - which is why I blew it - this time I knew exactly why I wanted the money and it was a powerful, passionate and emotional why that meant so much to me. I help so many people now I could never go back to the old 'rich' me"

Don't just set goals for yourself and your business, that's only half the story - you have to stop and ask yourself 'WHY' you want to achieve it and that why had better be a powerful one because it's what is going to ensure you stick to it when the going gets tough.

 Passion is about the why - the reason you do what you do - not what you do. o next time you have lost the passion, just press the pause the button and ask yourself what you are focusing on - I guarantee it will be what you are doing rather than why you are doing it - switch focus to the 'WHY' & the passion will come back!

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