Uncategorized Oct 23, 2016

Even when the economic downturn is over there is one thing that will be left as a result of it - a new customer!

We are all customers and we are revolting! There is a new customer revolution that sweeping the world.

It's quite simple - we have all woken up from the sleep state we seemed be in throughout the boom. Paying over the odds for services and products that weren't living up to the prices we were paying - but we were asleep - we weren't taking any notice.

Let  me tell you about my coffee shop story. There is a chain coffee shop near me that I have used for a few years now. I would walk in and order a medium mocha and a sandwich/wrap - they would say "that will be £7.80" and I would hand over a £10 note, pocket my change and then go and wait at the other end of the counter for my drink. I never gave it another thought - just collected my coffee, sat down on a faux leather settee connected to the wi-fi and had my lunch whilst playing around with my i-phone.

We have all done it. So what changed?

I don't know why, but one day I walked in - exactly the same as every other time, but something had woken me up - I wasn't asleep anymore! £7.80 for a coffee and a sandwich! That's ridiculous!!

As a 'reborn' customer I started to revolt! Firstly I looked elsewhere for something cheaper but couldn't find the experience that I wanted to go with my coffee so I ended up back at a coffee shop with similar prices - but as a completely different customer now - one who 'knew' he was paying £7.80 for a coffee and a sandwich!

If I'm going to pay that much for a coffee and a sandwich - would you smile please? Could you stop chatting to your mate and concentrate on my coffee because I said I didn't want cream! I would like a clean table please and a chair not covered in croissant crumbs.

Do you know how asleep I was? I was paying £7.80 for a coffee and sandwich and then CLEANING THE TABLE MYSELF!!

Your customer is revolting - they have woken up. Does your product or service match (at the very least) the price they are paying - because if it not - they will walk. The days of the marketing illusion are over - It doesn't matter what you promise or how well you promise it - if you don't deliver - you are history!!

It's important to understand that I can afford £7.80 - this revolution is not about not being able to pay it, it's simply that if I am going to pay it I want an experience that is worth what I am paying.


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