"One day you're going wake up and realise that you should have changed something! I'm glad I woke up and attended Business Masters as it has given me all the direction I need to reach my goals! Thanks Alan for a fantastic journey!" - Jenny Byrne, YGH Salons



Business Masters is about making a choice to take action and start achieving what you really want from your business - whether that's 'in' or 'out' of it!

You can plan to grow, sell, expand, build an empire, or even set up your business so you can run it from a beach somewhere...! This programme will give you the financial freedom and security to live your life the way you want. If there's o
ne thing COVID has taught us, it's the importance of balance and prioritising what's really important to us. We'll help get you there!

"I was ready to walk away from the business before I started Business Masters in May. Alan genuinely
has inspired me to go back and work hard by giving me a working model for my salon. It is realistic
and I am re-energised but more importantly my team are more enthusiastic." - Donna Cunningham, Technique H&B


3 x LIVE Workshops over 7 Days

Seven powerful, thought provoking days over three workshops - in person!!

Fantastic Team Meetings

Twenty engaging, ready made motivational team meetings - no more last minute panic!

The Life Saving 'Calculators'

Four genius tools to keep you on track with achieving the Profit you want and need!

Salon Profit Formula Programme

As well as the live training, you'll get an online version to refresh you & stay focused.


This programme is for Salon Owners and Managers.
Business Masters is broken down into three workshops, initially kicking off with 3 days, followed by two further 2 day workshops. This spans across 8 months of education and ongoing support. Here is a little insight into what we'll be covering:

Location & Dates:

LOCATION: Business Masters has been held in Ireland for the last twenty years (for our UK, Irish and Middle East customers). Final Location in Ireland will be confirmed shortly, however it will be in a lovely 'getaway' hotel near to either Dublin or Cork.

- Workshop One: 5-7th March 2023 (Sun-Tues)
- Workshop Two: 18-19th June 2023 (Sun-Mon)
- Workshop Three: 1-2nd October 2023 (Sun-Mon)


What People Are Saying...


Denise Walsh, Rustiq Salons

"Business Masters was life changing for me. Before I did this course I was the owner of 2 salons... Now I'm running 2 salons & really enjoying it. It's going to take 1-2 years to get where I want to go but that's another very important factor I learnt... PATIENCE! Something God didn't give me but Alan Austin-Smith definitely taught me!! Every day of this course leaves you hungry for the next day!"

Maria Haberlin, Berlin Hair

"I can safely say this has been the best business
move I've made!!! Business Masters has banished any fear I have had when it comes to dealing with figures or
my team. Most importantly it has given me a vision to focus on a profit I have only ever dreamed of.
Can't thank you enough."

Julian Holland, Mark Hill Salon

"I think I can honestly say that the Business Masters was the best course I have ever attended. The level of intensiveness and delivery from Alan meant that I have been able to retain the information more that I ever have in the past.  I found the areas covering communication with the team, and the management systems, particularly invaluable. I would say this course is a must for anyone in a managerial position."


This programme is for Salon Owners and Managers.
We have a monthly plan spread over 10 months to help with cashflow or you can save yourself a nice chunk and pay upfront.

Monthly Payment Plan - One Person

£299.70 pm

+ VAT (for UK customers)

This option is spread over 10 months: 
Total £2997 + VAT


SPECIAL 2 for 1 

Discounted Upfront Price - One Person


+ VAT (for UK customers)

*2 Places for the Price of 1*
First 10 Bookings Only


Monthly Payment Plan - Two People

£449.70 pm

+ VAT (for UK customers)

This option is spread over 10 months: 
Total £4497 + VAT


Discounted Upfront Price - Two People


+ VAT (for UK customers)

Up to 20% off if you pay upfront