Learn how to create a strategy to achieve your goals with tried and tested business formulas from the acclaimed and best selling Fantastic Salon book. Working closely with Alan Austin-Smith throughout the year this ‘fantastic’ programme gives you everything you need to take real action to achieve the results you want.


Business Masters consists of three workshops:
Start Date: Workshop 1: 7th-9th February 2021 (3 days)

**(this will likely be the final group as Alan nears retirement)**

Day 1: The 5 Pillars of a Fantastic Salon
- Revolutionary Strategies - Focus on Profit - Committed Team - Raving Fans - Unique Marketing

Day 2: How to create and implement a Revolutionary Strategy for your business
- Where are you going? (What are your goals?) How are you going to there? (The plan!!)
- Where are you starting from? (Know your business and what needs to change)
- Why are you going there? (The passion to keep you focused)

Day 3: Focus on Profit
- Set targets for profit Create workable budgets to ensure you achieve the profit you desire
- Set profit benchmarks for; wages, stock purchasing, pricing, staffing levels, client count, average bill

Workshop 2: 16-17th May 2021 (2 days)

Day 1: A Committed Team
- How to get a level of consistent performance & commitment from your team
- Leadership - it starts with you!
- Understanding motivation
- Communicate the ‘Fantastic’ way!! We need to change the way we communicate to
hairdressers if we want to engage their passion!

Day 2: Build a powerful, effective & committed team
- Build a balanced team - recruitment and education
- Establish goals - the leadership matrix
- Share information - your communication structure
- Establish Trust - consistent leadership - self management for leaders

Workshop 3: 12th-13th September 2021

Day 1: Raving Fans!
- Turn clients into fans with a FLOW strategy
   F - First Impressions - Are you one of the crowd or standing out?
   L - Last Impressions - Are people leaving you as fans & raving about you?
   O - Ouch! - Do you have a strategy to eliminate the ‘ouch’s’ in your business
   W - WOW - What are you doing to keep your WOW count consistently high?

Day 2: Unique Marketing
- Create and implement a marketing strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd
- Learn how to identify what your marketing objectives are
- Learn how to identify the market you are trying to reach
- Learn how to create a message that achieves the objectives and appeals to your target market
- Understand the different mediums available to deliver your messages in the best way
- Learn how to build a marketing plan that is in line with your with your overall business objectives



  • You will also receive an online lesson from Alan every two weeks for the next 12 months to add extra support and keep you on track - that's 24 videos in total to backup everything you learn on the programme. This is a great refresher whenever you need and you have lifetime access.
  • Also we end up with such amazing support networks from each of our groups - as you're working with 20+ other like minded business owners, you learn so much from the group as well as Alan.
  • You receive a full training manual with notes, exercises etc. plus an action plan at the end of each workshop of what you need to work on once you get back to the salon.


LOCATION: Due to high London prices (as our customers come from all over the UK & Ireland) - this programme is held in a beautiful hotel near to Dublin. Flights from most airports are around £20-40 return (dramatically cheaper than most train tickets to London!). Plus we have a great corporate rate at the hotel where the programme is held (a beautiful 4* spa hotel in stunning grounds). Perfect to focus and treat yourself at the same time!


PRICE = £2997 + VAT*
*(VAT only for UK customers)

This option is spread over 10 months: 
£299.70 + VAT* pm

Price for an extra place below



PRICE = £2397 + VAT*
*(VAT only for UK customers)

Pay in full to get 20% discount

Price for an extra place below



PRICE = £4497 + VAT*
*(VAT only for UK customers)

This option is spread over 10 months: 
£449.70 + VAT* pm



PRICE = £3597 + VAT*
*(VAT only for UK customers)

Pay in full to get 20% discount


"One day your going wake up and realise that you should have changed something! I'm glad I woke up and attended business masters as it has given me all the direction I need to reach my goals! Thanks Alan for a fantastic journey!"

Jenny Byrne
YGH Salons

"Coming on this course has helped me to gain the confidence to change my path and I am seeing the light of how I can achieve my goals.  Thank you for giving me back my dreams."

Kathleen Redmond
Kathleen's Hair Salon

"Since doing Business Masters, I look at my business with a different perspective. Working on the business as well as in it is the key to its success, not only financially but personally. Clarity is worth its weight in gold, as is Business Masters."

Valerie Cahill
Ikon Hair Design

"Business Masters was life changing for me. Before I did this course I was the owner of 2 salons... Now I'm running 2 salons & really enjoying it. It's going to take 1-2 years to get where I want to go but that's another very important factor I learnt... PATIENCE! Something God didn't give me but Alan Austin-Smith definitely taught me!! Every day of this course leaves you hungry for the next day!"

Denise O'Neill

"I think I can honestly say that the Business Masters was the best course I have ever attended. The level of intensiveness and delivery from Alan meant that I have been able to retain the information more that I ever have in the past.  I found the areas covering communication with the team, and the management systems, particularly invaluable. I would say this course is a must for anyone in a managerial position."

Julian Holland
Mark Hill Salon

"This is a fantastic opportunity to grow and change your life. Its a year long course im so glad i am part of business masters one of the best things i have done with my business so far. If your looking for something to get you on the right path to success then this is the course.  Thank you Alan Austin-Smith and Sam Austin-Smith im so excited for the future x"

Kelly McDonald
Star Salon

"What a fantastic few days with amazing people, intense but feeling inspired!! Don't know how we've got through the last 3 years without this!!! Thanks Alan and Sam,   looking forward to the madness of the next few months and seeing everyone again.  Couldn't recommend it more!! Only at the beginning and don't know how we've been running our business without it!"

Linda McGrath
Scissor Sisters

"Spent the last three days learning some of the most powerful tools in running a business that can be applied to any company , from what it takes in being successful right down to how the mind works. Intense is an understatement, I'm physically exhausted , brain is in overdrive and if I never see another figure again it will be too soon ,and all I can honestly say is ... This man knows his stuff. It's been the most incredible learning experience and I'm super excited for stage two in September."

Deirdre O'Sullivan
Retro Hair


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